Summer Fun 2020 is Here! Learn More and Sign Up!

Summer Fun 2020 is a virtual experience that will run from the first full week of July through the first week of August for grades K – 5. Everything you need will be available for you here. You may also pick up materials each weekend over the course of our virtual event if you prefer.

Our virtual event this year is “In The Image” and features music, craft, games, and plans to help create a sacred space for reflection on God and His creation. The program focuses on things – like nature and people – that are created in the image of God.

All of the ideas presented here are meant to be completed within the natural rhythm of the family during a particular week. You can engage in weekly activities in one day, or over the course of a week for maybe 10 minutes each day. You choose!

Our Facebook will have a place where you are encouraged to upload photos of your child’s activities throughout these five weeks. Please consider inviting your child’s friends and allowing them to participate together! There will also be a whole suggestion box of additional activities!

So excited for this virtual experience and look forward to seeing how you are encouraging your child to grow this summer!

Summer Fun Coordinator
Jill Austin – 910-366-2634

Director of Religious Education
Michael Smith – 919-423-8027

Parish Administrative Assistant
Carol Johnson – 910-488-1797

About the Program

In Summer 2020, churches, choir directors, and children’s ministry leaders approached a summer of cancelled in-person events – music camps, Vacation Bible School, and summer musicals. Choristers Guild aspired to develop an at-home experience that would nurture the musical and spiritual growth of children and families at home.

Inside this resource, you’ll discover material designed to help children (and their families) grow in faith through musical and artistic expression. The content was inspired by the musical for children’s choirs, In the Image – which explores the story of Creation and helps children wonder what it means to be created in the image of God. The musical’s imagery, language, and music are used here in new ways to spark creativity, innovation, and conversation.

Five main themes from the musical became the building blocks for five content modules. These modules can be used over the course of a week (one module per day) – or over the course of a month (one module per week).

Through these activities, children and families will discover what it means to be created in the image of God: embracing their inherent creative abilities, seeing the good in things, taking responsibility to care for creation, creating community, and valuing rest. The music and art expressions in this resource are woven together for a meaningful faith-formation experience.