Weekly Craft Supplement

Week 9 – Advent Wreaths

It’s that time of year again, where we get ready for the holidays. So let’s prepare for the Advent season by making wreaths

What we’ll need

(we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or other coloring tool
  • (Optional) mini pom-poms, toothpicks 

First we’ll draw, or trace a circle onto our paper and cut it out, placing it to the side for later. This will be the base of the wreath. Next we’ll take another sheet of paper and cut it into strips. Once our strips are done, we can now start assembling. Taking the circle that we put aside, we are going to cut out a circle in the middle by folding it in half, drawing a half circle on the fold, then cutting that out. Now that we have a ring ready, take the strips and cut them to size. We are going to fold our sized strips in half, so make sure you leave enough paper. With our folded strips ready, we’ll take the scissors and cut thin lines into them, leaving enough room on the ends for glue. With that done, begin gluing the strips down and around the ring, starting from the edges and working your way in, until the whole ring is covered with frazzled greenery. Feel free to decorate a little extra with mini pom- poms, glitter, or mini candles. You can also take the time to draw out some big and small leaves, to glue down in place of the strips. Done! Now enjoy your pretty wreath!!

Week 8 – Pom Pom Sheep

In order to see Christ in those who are in need, we must be loyal sheep to God. So let’s make some pom – pom sheep to keep as a small reminder.

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Pom-poms (any size/color you want)
  • Tooth picks or small sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue(any glue is fine, hot glue dries faster though)
  • Googly eyes or small buttons)

First well pick our pom-poms and glue them together to make a sheep body and head. Next, take some tooth picks, cut them to size and glue them to the bottom of the sheep to make legs. Then glue the eyes onto the head to make a face for your little sheep, you can be extra crafty and cut out little paper ears, or draw a tiny face on a small paper circle instead of using the googly eyes. Done!

Remember this is your sheep to represent you and your loyalty to god, so have fun with it and be careful with the tooth picks and if you’re using hot glue.

Week 7 – Confetti Collage

We are taught to make use of everything that God gives us, so for this craft, let’s use the scraps of paper that we often throw away, to make a beautiful collage.

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Paper scraps( any color)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Marker or other coloring tool
  • A sheet of paper( any size/color)

First we’ll take out any scrap paper and with our scissors, cut them into small confetti sized pieces and set them aside for later. Next, with our marker, we’ll draw or trace any image we like. Once we’ve finished our image, we can start using the confetti we made earlier, gluing it down so that it traces the picture. Take it slow and try to cover up as much of the paper as possible, switching confetti color to make your collage beautiful and colorful. 

Done! You now have a pretty collage to decorate your home with. 

Week 6 – Paper Lanterns

Just like in Jesus’s story, let’s make some paper lanterns to light up the dark!
What you need

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

● Popsicle sticks/ skewers
● Craft paper/ tissue paper
● Markers or other writing tools
● Scissors
● Glue sticks or hot glue

First we’ll take our popsicle sticks and make 5 squares by gluing 4 sticks together so that all the ends meet.
Next we’ll take our paper, cut it to size and decorate it however we want, with markers or colors.
Once finished decorating, we’ll take our sticks and glue on top of our paper, remembering to cut off the excess, then repeating the process 4 more times.
When that’s done, we can now glue our squares together to form a cube and done!!
There are different types of lanterns we can make, you can try rolling a long sheet of paper into a loose tube and gently poke holes into a pretty pattern.

Week 5 – Beatitude Bookmarks

God wants us to live the Beatitudes, which are kind of the guidelines for life. So how can we remember to have a “Beautiful Attitude”? We can do so with Beatitude bookmarks!

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Construction paper or card stock strips(any color you want)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or any other writing tools
  • Extra decorating supplies (ribbon, buttons, glitter)

First, we take our paper or card stock and cut it into our desired sized strips, folding and gluing the strip as thick as we want it. Once the strip is to our desired size, we can now take the time to decorate with any other pieces of paper we might want, like a different colored square glued to the middle, or cut out hearts. When the glue has dried, we’ll take our marker and in the middle of the bookmark, we’ll write down our favorite beatitude.

With this, the book mark is done! Feel free to decorate a little extra with ribbons or a glitter border around your words. You now have a nice bookmark to mark your place in your books so that whenever you open it you can see and be reminded to have a “Beautiful Attitude”.

Week 4 – Heart Garland

We are called to be a model for believers, so in order to have God in our heart, soul and mind, we must share our love. We can do this by making some paper heart garlands.

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Construction paper( any color you want)
  • Scissors
  • String or yarn
  • Tape or glue
  • Markers or anything else to write with

First we’ll take our paper, folding it the long way, then cutting along the line we just made, to make two strips. Using one strip at a time, we’ll fold it like a fan, then cut off the excess paper. With our marker, locate the creased side of the folded paper and draw half a heart. Now take the scissors and carefully cut around the outline you just made. This will give us some nicely sized hearts!

When we’ve finished cutting out our hearts, we’ll need to think about someone or something we love. Then take the marker and write down on your heart why you love that thing or someone for example: “I love it when my kitty snuggles with me” “I love my mom because she picks me up when I fall”, or you can simply write down the name of things you can give love to like, “family”, “friends” or “pets”

Once we’ve finished writing on our hearts, we’ll take some string and tape it down to the back of our hearts! When you’ve finished, feel free to hang your garland in the house or give it to someone as a gift in order to display your love!

Week 3 – Joy Journal

If we are to “Give to God “, we can do so by our loving and kind actions towards God’s creations.  So let’s create a Joy Journal!

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Any sized notebook
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or anything to write with
  • Crayons or anything to color with
  • Any other things you can find to decorate your journal

First well make a book cover using the construction paper to cover both the front and back of the notebook, well cut it to size and then fold and glue the edges of our paper onto the notebook edges.  Now that we have a book cover, let’s decorate!  With our markers and colors we can draw and title our book “My Joy Journal” or just “Joy Journal”

Next we can fill our journal up with things that bring us joy.  Try to think of all the things that god made and figure out your favorites like flowers, bees, my cat, or any other creation that you like, then draw a picture of it. We can also go outside and find things to put into our journal like little flowers from the yard, leaves from the trees, or a pretty feather that you found.  When we’ve filled up our journal, think of why you like these creations, then write it down next to the picture or object, as a thank you to God.  Showing appreciation for God’s creations is a great way to give back to him.

Week 2 – Invitation Cards

As we are invited to be God’s guest, let’s invite others by creating our own invitation cards.

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Card stock or construction paper
  • Markers or any other coloring tools
  • Stickers, stamps, ribbon, and anything else that you can use to decorate( optional)

First we’ll take our paper and fold it in half, just like a card. Next with our markers we can write words like “You Are Invited” “Be God’s Guest” or any other variation to express the feeling of inviting someone to something special. The last step is the most fun, with the markers, colors, stickers and other material you want to use, decorate your invitation in any way you want, drawing pictures, gluing ribbon, cutting out shapes with color paper ( the possibilities are endless)

When you’re done, feel free to keep your invitation or give it to someone else like mom or dad or even your church pastor!

Week 1 – Fruit Trees

Jesus teaches us to “bear good fruit” so for this project, we will be making our own fruit trees!

What we’ll need

 (we have materials at the church if you need them)

  • Construction paper( in any colors you want)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers or other writing utensils( in any color you want)

First we’ll start out by drawing our shapes on our colored paper, starting with the tree trunk, then the tree top. Next we’ll cut these shapes out and on a blank sheet of paper, glue them down. Tada! Now you have a tree, but it still needs some fruit. On our colored paper, draw some circles big enough to write in.  Lastly, we’ll need to think about good deeds, actions, or words that help show our love and support for God’s creation.  You can write down words like “Love, Peace, Joy”, or you can write something good you did like “Feed my pet”, “Do my chores”, “Holding the door for someone”. Once you’re done, we’ll cut out the circles and glue them onto our tree top. Done! Look at all the good fruits we made!

Feel free to add any last details to the tree or if you don’t want to make a tree, purple and green circles make for fun grapevines!